Senior Driver Research Study

This project was conducted in collaboration with one of our industry partners beginning in 2004. Alabama drivers aged 75 and older (N=2931) were invited to participate in this study investigating the effectiveness of the Useful Field of View (UFOV®) test in predicting later crashes and other driving outcomes, such as driving cessation. Beginning in 2008, participants who did not pass the assessment were allowed to take part in processing speed training that could be completed either online or in collaborating facilities across the state.

Senior Driver Research Study - Long Form

This project ran in conjunction with the larger Senior Driver Research Study. Between 2005 and 2007, consented participants (N=255) were given an additional series of questionnaires that collected data on mental status, personality traits, additional driving and transportation habits, life events, social networks, depressive symptoms, and medical/psychological health. Longitudinal data is available for some participants (i.e., if participants returned to the Senior Driver Research Study).

University of Alabama at Birmingham - Center for Research on Applied Gerontology
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