Graduate Students

Wesley Burge - Graduate Trainee
CH 201, (205) 974-8723

My research interests focus on better understanding the mechanisms underlying the improvements seen through cognitive training. Further interests include investigating new forms of cognitive training and combining these with other traditional cognitive training paradigms. Behavioral Neuroscience program.

Caroline Lassen-Greene - Graduate Trainee
CH 415, (205) 934-8723

I am doctoral student in the clinical psychology program at UAB. My current research interests include the role of genes, acquired medical factors, and their interactions in cognitive function in middle-aged and elderly adults. I am also interested in studying cognitive impairments associated with a range of neuropsychological conditions including stroke, Fabry disease, traumatic brain injury, and schizophrenia. My clinical interests are in the field of rehabilitation psychology, with an equal emphasis on assessment and therapeutic techniques. I previously completed my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Neuroscience at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA.

Benjamin McManus - Graduate Trainee
CH 201, (205) 934-8723

I am in the Lifespan Developmental Psychology graduate program. My research interests are primarily in human factors, cognitive engineering, and researching and designing ergonomic interventions, as well as statistical analyses. My specialty area is currently focused in transportation and mobility in older adults. I am currently working on VINES, CAPES, and SANDS.

Erica Schmidt - Graduate Trainee
CH 415, (205) 934-8723

I am a graduate student in the Medical/Clinical Psychology graduate program at UAB. Broadly speaking, my interests lie in the field of adult/geriatric neuropsychology. My research interests focus on the measurement and prediction of cognitive and everyday functioning in older adults. Furthermore, I am involved in the study of interventions which may slow or reverse age-related declines in cognitive functioning and how these improvements may translate into positive changes in the everyday lives of older adults. Currently, I am involved with the VINES study of cognitive training and the CAPES study which will investigate the effects of cognitive, exercise, and combined forms of training.

University of Alabama at Birmingham - Center for Research on Applied Gerontology
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